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Android Apps For Stock And Commodity Market Tips.

Crudewiser App

Crudewiser is the highly profitable android app for crude oil traders. It gives smart profit every month. Since last year, Our app has given about 300% Gain in a Single lot of Crude Oil. We have launched the app in the mid of August 2018 and till July 2019, the profit figure is about 3,70,000+ which is a good symbol of profitability.

Crudewiser app is fully positional or carryforward based strategy. In that app, you will find entry and exit points only. This app is fully working on the signal to signal method and you need to square off the position only after the new signal comes. For example, if you have a buy signal at 4000 and the sell signal comes at 4050 then we need to keep in buy until 4050. Clients are not suggested to book profit in between running signal. Exiting without signal may affect profitability. Above is the Video about the user manual and download instructions about the app. Get a free trial of 5 Days and Enjoy the profits

Accuracy depends on the signal generated by the charting terminal or the strategy used in the Graph. Our most of the strategies are capable of generating 10-50% Profits every month. You can put Manual or Automatic Stoploss and Targets. People also call it Algo Trading. We have some good strategies for robot trading. If you have any strategy we can make your strategy compatible with our robot. we take a one-time development charge for Strategy compatibility

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Crudewiser App Key Features

  • Best for Crude Oil.
  • Accuracy above 85%.
  • Monthly 20-50% Return.
  • Also Available for Algo trading

Jingara App

Jingara App is an Android app for Stock and Commodity market users. It can give Notifications for New signals in the symbols selected in the App.

Jingara app is available at google play store and in that, if you go to setting page, you may find options to add or remove symbols and Exchanges. Jingara app gives Intraday based signals and there you don't need to worry about carrying your positions to the next day.
Jingara App gives Entry, Target1, Target2, Target3 and Stoploss levels on the dashboard. Once a new signal arrives in the app, Traders need to take the entry accordingly and to the signal and to keep Maintain SL and Targets accordingly.

Jingara App Key Features

  • Best for Intraday Trading.
  • Accuracy above 75%.
  • Also Available for Algo trading.

MSG Commodities Live

The multi-indicator is the best and unique strategy for those who want to trade for more than one indicator. Many of the traders believe in filtering the fake signals by using more that one indicator in the MT4. The Multi-indicator is for filtering the fake signals and to take the signals on confirmation of 2 or more indicators.
In the Multi-Indicator, we have included more than 15 Indicators such as 2MA Cross, 3MA Cross, MACD, RSI, Heiken Ashi, Gator Oscillator, ADX , etc. Let's suppose you want to use MACD, RSI, and ADX based signals and you are willing to have an entry if all three confirm buy or sell, Our Indicator will show arrow and give alert only once all three confirmed the BUY or SELL.

MSG Commodities Live Key Features

  • Best for Intraday Trading.
  • Accuracy above 75%.
  • Only for MCX commodity.
  • Also Available for Algo trading.

Money Machine App

MCX Sure Gain provides Live MT4 real-time data feed for various majomost using indicators also such as RSI, MACD, Moving average etc.
Metatrader 4 software is very user friendly software for all types of traders, technicians and investors. If you are trading in stock or commodity market then you must use this tool. Its too simple to operate and having all the basic indicators, oscillators and charting tools inbuilt. There is widest range of indicators and strategies in the Metatrader codebase itself.

Multi Indicator Combination Key Features

  • 15+ Indicators available.
  • Choose your own combination.
  • Sound and Popup Alerts
  • Also Available for Algo trading.

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