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Auto Buy And Sell Signals Stock And Commodity Market


What is Auto buy and Sell Signal Software?

Auto Buy & Sell signal software is a tool that provides the Buy and Sell recommendations in the form of arrows or alerts. Most of the software with advanced indicators can show the arrows on meeting the mathematical conditions coded in the Indicator. The indicator is the formula coded in any language which produces the signals as per the mathematical formula.

Seven Ticks company is working in the field of creating highly profitable strategies for a long time. We have already created many indicators which give profitable results on the real-time markets. Most of the indicators of ours are unique and exclusive. We offer the strategies with a full performance report and all related data such as the Total Entries, Total Profitable Signals, Total losing signals, Total Profit, and Accuracy level. This is the most accurate symbol to give a clear idea about the performance of the indicator.

In the Indicator, we have shown the real-time profit as well as the gross profit option. By using these options, you can easily get the performance report on your MT4 dashboard. Once you apply the indicator into the chart, it will recheck the past signal entry and exit points and according to that points, it will show the past signals profit and loss report on the dashboard itself. So now you can easily check the last month profit and loss details with a single click.

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Money Machine 3.0 (Intraday)

If you are an Intraday lover, Money Machine 3.0 is only for you. It gives fully intraday based signals and the accuracy is above 70&. If you see the performance report of latest 200 signals, you will find its giving approx 6000+ Points profit.

Who those don't want to carry their positions to Next day, they can start trading with Money Machine 3.0.

In another way, we can define the Money Machine 3.0 system as a combination of Price action and a Fibonacci indicator. Money Machine 3.0 always gives a breakout signal. If you are trading with Money Machine, you must keep one thing in your mind that it is not a vice-versa strategy. If you have an entry, you need to wait for the Stoploss or Target level.

Key Features of Money Machine 3.0

  • Best for Intraday Trading.
  • Accuracy above 75%.
  • Complete Dashboard Available.
  • Also Available for Algo trading.
key feaures

Multi Indicator Combination

The multi-indicator is the best and unique strategy for those who want to trade for more than one indicator. Many of the traders believe in filtering the fake signals by using more that one indicator in the MT4. The Multi-indicator is for filtering the fake signals and to take the signals on confirmation of 2 or more indicators.
In the Multi-Indicator, we have included more than 15 Indicators such as 2MA Cross, 3MA Cross, MACD, RSI, Heiken Ashi, Gator Oscillator, ADX , etc. Let's suppose you want to use MACD, RSI, and ADX based signals and you are willing to have an entry if all three confirm buy or sell, Our Indicator will show arrow and give alert only once all three confirmed the BUY or SELL.

Multi Indicator Combination Key Features

  • 15+ Indicators available.
  • Choose your own combination.
  • Sound and Popup Alerts
  • Also Available for Algo trading.
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